Nanny of the Maroons
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This beautiful 19 x 13 inches poster features Queen Mother Nanny the great Maroon warrior. Queen Nanny was born in Africa’s Gold Coast (now known as Ghana). It is believed that she came from the Ashanti tribe and arrived in Jamaica at a time when rebellion against slavery was going on. The Ashanti tribe was one of the most powerful tribes in West Africa and their women were greatly respected and knew how to fight in battles. She became the spiritual, cultural and military leader of the windward Maroons. Nanny is credited with uniting the Maroons across Jamaica and leading them through the resistance against the British from 1725 through 1740.

Queen Nanny and the Maroons were instrumental in African liberation from Slavery in Jamaica by creating a well- organized movement to combat and overcome their oppressors. Nanny of the Maroons demonstrated a unique ability to empower her people in rebellion against the great British military even if it meant their death. Queen Nanny was a true African Warrior and remains the only female among Jamaica’s National Heroes