Mary Ann Shadd Cary
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This beautiful 19 x 13 inches poster features Mary Ann Shadd Cary another great female Pan-African. Mary Ann Shadd was a publisher, editor, teacher, lawyer and suffragette. She was the eldest of thirteen children born to Harriet and Abraham Shadd leaders in the free black community. Mary Ann had the opportunity to witness slavery and her parent relentless dedication to freeing slaves. During her lifetime Mary Ann lived both in the United States and Canada making great contribution in these countries.


Mary Ann Shadd was the first Black woman editor in North America. She was the first woman editor of an anti-slavery newspaper in Ontario, the Provincial Freeman. Mary Ann was the first woman to be admitted to Howard University Law School and consequently, she became the first female Black lawyer in the United States when she graduated in 1870. Mary Ann Shadd ‘s achievements and professional life has served as a great example for generations and will continue to for generations to come.