Marie-Joseph Angelique Poster 
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This beautiful 19 x 13 inches poster features Marie-Joseph Angelique a great Pan-African. Marie-Joseph Angélique, commonly referred to as “Angelique”, was the name given by the French authorities to a Portuguese-born Black slave in New France (later Quebec, Canada). Owned by Thérèse de Couagne and François Poulin de Francheville, Marie-Joseph was expected to fill her role as a slave by breeding with other slaves and servicing her master. She, however, was adamantly opposed to this and devoted to her alleged lover. On April 10, 1734, after Madame de Couagne had threatened to sell her, Marie-Joseph was said to have set fire to her owner’s home and tried to escape.


She was immediately arrested, but not before the fire she allegedly started devastated much of Montreal. The fire engulfed and destroyed 46 buildings, burning much of what is now referred to as old Montreal; no one was reported to have died in the fire. In June of 1734 she was captured, tried, convicted, tortured, paraded through the streets, then hanged and her body burned