Nile Valley Journals Launches at Knowledge Bookstore

Nile Valley Jounal, a magazine was launch on Saturday March 24, 2018 at Knowledge Bookstore.  Publisher Nii Tawiah Koney II expresses “Nile Valley Journal has been given a mandate by the Diaspora community to reach out to every one as we move forward in our struggle for freedom from suffering and the many frustrations that have plagued our people for several centuries.”

The Nile Valley Journal is not a new magazine, Nii lives in Alberta and the magazine has been a bi-annual publication.  The focus of the magazine has been to advance the history and heritage of Africa and the Africa Diaspora community.  Nii sees the magazine as a platform where people of African descent can share their stories.  African people have made numerous important contributions for civilization that are often overlooked and Nile Valley Magazine will serve as a tangible record of this reality.

This issue of Nile Valley Journal that is now available at Knowledge Bookstore looks at Africa and the Africa Diaspora and its continuing importance to the world.  Africa has always been a continent filled with natural and human resources.  The world has benefit greatly from these resources and due to ignorance in the truest definition of the word.  Many are unaware of this fact.  Nii’s publication will serve as an awakening for many.

Knowledge Bookstore was pleased to host this launch and to be a distributer of the Nile Valley Journal.  Nii has visited me on several occasions over the years to discuss launching the magazine in Ontario and having it on Knowledge Bookstore shelves.  The launch was attended by several members of the Ghanian community who came out to support a fellow country man.  The drums signaled the beginning of the ceremonies and reminded us of the importance of rituals while setting the tone for the day.

The day was successful on many important levels however the one that really makes me smile is seeing the manifestation of several discussions with Nii.  I invite you to support Nile Valley Journal by picking up a copy at Knowledge Bookstore.  Let us celebrate Africa and the Africa Diaspora by investing in ourselves.


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