Mommy & Daddy Said


Mommy & Daddy Said is the latest contribution by children’s author Karee Shea Walker.  In the picture above is her husband and business partner Osagyefo Mcgregor who was very happy to bless Knowledge Bookstore with new goodies.  Mommy & Daddy Said now available at Knowledge Bookstore along with Karee’s first book The Bee Leaf.

Karee is a multi-talented artist who has produced beautiful works of art on canvas, books, fashion and jewelry .  I have known Karee and Osagyefo for more than 15 years and was blessed with being offered the opportunity to purchase one of her first pieces of art that she offered up for sale.  She is a soft spoken individual with a welcoming energy.  The message and vision of Mommy & Daddy Said and the Bee Leaf is one of family, community and values.  These books will inspire both parent and children.

One of the pleasures of managing a bookstore is meeting couple like Karee and Osagyefo with a vision for themselves, their family and the children.  Osagyefo speaks with positive power about the work that is being done by Kareative Interlude; their business.  This brother is on fire promoting the books and making sure that these gems do not remain in a box somewhere.  He understands that the content of Mommy & Daddy Said and the Bee Leaf is most beneficial in the homes of families being read by both parent and children.  I love the goals that Osagyefo has set for their books and the strategy that he has developed to ensure that all of his goals are achieved.

I invited you to take a look at the wonderful work that Karee and Osagyefo has dedicated their energies to creating and sharing.  Both titles Mommy & Daddy Said and the Bee Leaf can be found in store at Knowledge Bookstore and Online.  Knowledge Bookstore urges all parents and guardians to stand out from the crowd and “Raise A Reader.”


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