Meet Knowledge Bookstore 2017 Best Selling Children Author

Ndija Anderson-Yantha Knowledge Bookstore 2017 Best Selling Children Author and her husband Matthew Yantha stopped in at Knowledge Bookstore for a quick Communiversity session.

When the doors to Knowledge Bookstore closed on December 31, 2017, “What Are You Gonna Do with that Hair?” was the new number one Best Selling Children book for 2017.  We had introduced this beautiful gem to the book shelf of Knowledge Bookstore in early February 2017.  That same week Ndija and Matthew dropped by the store to introduce us to “What Are You Gonna Do with that Hair? “  Carolette worked with the couple to set and execute a date for a book launch.

On Saturday February 25th, 2017, just a few weeks later Knowledge Bookstore hosted it’s most successful children’s book launch to date.  Ndija and Matthew organized a beautiful afternoon that consisted of a panel discussion for the adults, coloring activities and a very lively reading for the children.

Over the years one of the biggest challenges I have faced with authors is not being able to identify their target market.  Everyone that attended the book launch enjoyed the afternoon and left with at least one copy of the book.  This young couple although new to the book industry managed to do three important things to make their book launch successful.  They invited out their target market, had a full house and planned and arranged activities that were relevant to the content of the book.

It has been a pleasure watching the Yantha’s work as a team taking steps towards their goal.  They have also been open to coaching, utilizing tips to improve their author business.  Ndija and Matthew congratulations on having the number one bestselling children book at Knowledge Bookstore in 2017.

If you have not picked up your copy of “What Are You Gonna Do with that Hair?” don’t wait a minute longer it is available at Knowledge Bookstore in-store and online.


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