African Birds: Fun Facts and Fantastic Photos for Kids! Learn About African Animals

By Sean Liburd

What are birds? How many different species of birds are in the world? What are bird Habitats? How many species of birds can be found in Africa? What is the meaning behind the color of birds? These and more questions will be answered with the help of this book.

The birds in Africa come in all shapes and sizes. There are birds that are bigger than a person and birds that are no bigger than a few inches. “African Birds: Fun Facts and Fantastic Photos for Kids! Learn About African Animals”, kids will surely have fun learning about these beautiful birds and will be taught to appreciate them a lot more. In this book, you will learn about:
How long Birds have been around?
What animal does scientist believe birds came from?
What determines the shape of a bird’s beak?
Why some birds can’t fly?
How many species of birds in African cannot be found anywhere else?
Which bird is popular for the being the biggest living species of birds right now?
What bird is known as the largest scavenging bird in South Africa?
What bird gets their color from the shrimp and algae they eat?
What bird is called the Jesus bird?
Which bird is considered a symbol of peace in Africa?
Which bird is the symbol for the Egyptian God Thoth?
How many words the African Grey Parrot can learn?
How different bird species are known to help each other?
Which bird has the biggest eggs in the world?

The book is also filled with fun, weird, and little-known facts about African birds and birds in general. Plus, kids will also enjoy seeing full-color photos of African Birds doing different things. This way, it will be easier for them to understand the life of birds!