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Greetings!  Welcome to   My name is Sean Liburd.  I’m a bookstore owner, personal mastery coach and self-published author.  This site serves as a place where I can share my passion for reading, writing, learning, community building and growing.

Bookstore Owner


I read to learn, I read to earn, I read to discern; all for my growth!


For the last 19 years my main focus has been creating, recreating and guiding Knowledge Bookstore both online and off.  My work at Knowledge encompasses my life purpose of serving and provides me with the ability to celebrate the achievements and contributions of African people (black people), my ancestors and their descendants to the world.



I write to free my spirit, to nurture my soul, to honor the divine!

My first book Awaken the Mind: Communion with Sean Liburd the sharing of thoughts and emotions, an intimate communication between a people is my love offering to my community.

My animal series Butterflies and Moths, African Elephants Fun Facts and Fantastic Photos for Kids! and African Birds: Fun Facts and Fantastic Photos for Kids are a direct result of homeschooling my daughter, nephew and niece for the last 3 years.



How is my life impacting my family, friends, business and community?

Hey, I am a firm believer that you are your greatest obstacle and if you dedicate yourself to personal-mastery; growth is the inevitable result.  Feel like giving it a shoot you can reach me via Email.