Is Fear Good or Bad?

Fear is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions.  We as humans live our daily life in fear of one possibility or another.  In everything we do, choices must be made and consequences will follow as a result of that choice.  Some of us fear success, others fear failure; all of us fear something.

This is not necessary negative; it’s just a part of life and living.  The negative part comes into play when fear takes control of your life, and you cease to live.  Overcoming fear is difficult, because it usually means facing your fear head on.

At the end of the process of confronting your fears, usually one of two things will occur.  First, you may learn that whatever you feared is not as bad as you imagined.  The other possibility is that your fear maybe as frightful as you originally thought or even worst.

The main thing to remember at this point is that you have tried.  The truth is out in the open and the next step will be easier now you know what to expect.

This does not mean that your fear will disappear; it most likely will remain with you.  It will just be a little easier every-time you confront it.  The key is to control your fear instead of letting it control you.

If you can achieve this goal, then you will remain in the game of life.  Failure to control your fears will make life more challenging.  The question you must now ask yourself, which challenge will I tackle?  The time has come to take full control of you are and even more important who you will become today.


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