Top 25 Best Selling Non-Fiction Authors At Knowledge Bookstore Over The Last 20 Years

On December 18, 2017 Knowledge Bookstore will celebrate 20 years of serving the community.  With this in mind, I have compiled a list of the Top 25 Best Selling Non-Fiction Authors at Knowledge Bookstore to date. The authors included on this list works can be categorised as Egyptian Studies, Health And Nutrition, Ancient African History, Self-Help, Religion, Psychology, Black Studies and Education.  Some of these authors have been on Knowledge Bookstore shelves from day one, others are more recent additions.  The majority of the authors have  several books in print while a few of them has only published one book.

Knowledge Bookstore  celebrates the contribution of each of these authors whose work has served as a source of enlightenment, empowerment, and education for African people.  These authors are featured in-store at Knowledge Bookstore and online at Knowledge Bookstore.


1. Ra Un Nefer Amen


2. Muata Ashby


3. Iylanla Vanzant


4. J.A. Rogers


5. Llaila Afrika


6.  Queen Afua


7.  Na’Im Akbar


8. Amos Wilson


9. Rudolph R. Windsor


10. Jawanza Kunjufu


11. Amy Jacques Garvey


12.  John Henrik Clarke


13. Yosef Ben-Jochannon


14. Indus Khamit Kush


15. Ishakamusa Barashango


16.  Cheikh Anta Diop


17. Ivan Van Sertima


18. John G. Jackson


19. Maya Angelou


20. Chancellor Williams


21.  Frances Cress Welsing



21. Joy Leary


22.  Hill Harper


23.  Anthony Browder


24. Robin Walker


25. Carter G. Woodson


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