heronJones: Reads Awaken the Mind Introduction

What’s up y’all? My name is Heron Jones. I’m here at Knowledge Bookstore about to give you an exert from one of my favorite books. This is Awaken the Mind: A communion with Sean Liburd. He is the owner of this store, Knowledge bookstore, and I’m very proud of this man. Let me begin with the introduction here. I’ll read a little bit for you.

“When we look at the word communion, it can be defined as the sharing of interests or thoughts among a particular group of people. It is fellowship. It is a meeting of minds and could in consecration. This term communion is the joining of two powerful words. The first word commune, can be described as a group of people who share a space or a combination. It also speaks of being intimate, in close relation to a thing or a people. The second word, union. This can denote a whole form for many parts or members. You see, when a couple chooses to embark upon matrimony it is called a union. Thus, a union is sacred or holy. The words commune and union, now they do have similar definitions however, when joined together they convey a sense of love and comradery, brotherhood and sisterhood. See where these are present, you have a community. When people gather together, they are connecting to a power within themselves and through this connection they learn to know themselves and know each other. Essentially, it is the communion with your community, which reveals who you are and who you could be

How fitting it is that Sean Liburd has become catalyst for this community and this communion. Now whether through his business, Knowledge bookstore, which continues to attract souls eager to reunite with each other and share with spiritual union, or through the pages of this very book, which will share or which will connect like minded readers with anecdotes, commentary’s, inspirational thoughts and instructions integral to the communities survival. Just as Knowledge bookstore has become the meeting place for this community, this book is the very meeting place for our complected spirit. We can relate to one another through these words, which convey the relationship that the community has and could have in the future. You see, Sean’s book is a call to remember ourselves. That is to recollect our original way of thinking. To bring prodigal sons and daughters back to the fold, and to practice rituals which have long been forgotten. Awaken the mind, communion with Sean Liburd gives us an opportunity to grow and understand self. This is a very pivotal moment in our history. For we now have the opportunity to begin building and to redefine our community, to expose our true selves and culture as on that is naked. We will manifest our spirituality by honoring our ancestors and use this power of thought for nation building. We will remember to be African and be proud of our African centered education.”
That is Awaken the Mind: Communion with Sean Liburd. The sharing of thoughts and emotions. An interment communication between people.

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